Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan Chosen One of USA's Best Dive Shops
About Huron Scuba: Who We Are & What We Do
Huron Scuba: Who We are

Huron Scuba wins national awardHuron Scuba was founded in 1996 with the purpose of providing personalized, professional training at all levels of scuba diving and snorkeling. At its current location in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1999, Huron Scuba has received numerous awards, including the prestigious 2007 Excellence in Retailing Award from the Council on Retail Excellence ("C.O.R.E."). This is the fourth consecutive year that Huron Scuba has been recognized as one of the USA's best dive centers! Read more...

In 2009 Brian Bondy came on board to learn what it takes to run one of the best dive centers in the USA.  After an interesting 4 months in Canada, with the help of an amazing staff as well as the rock-solid support of then-assistant manager Adrienne Burgoyne, Brian took over as the president of Huron Scuba.  With the unfaultering support from all along with the team work at the store and our greatest asset - the Huron Scuba Dive Team community of customers, divers, snorkelers and travellers, Brian looks forward to the next 13 successful years in Ann Arbor!

Huron Scuba's full service dive center, tucked next to the busy I-94 freeway on the west side of Ann Arbor, has over 1300 square feet of well-stocked displays with informative signage to supplement the information you'll receive from our knowledgeable staff. Are you a hands-on person? Feel free to pick up that regulator to check the purge button, push the buttons on the dive computers, and unzip all the compartments of the dive bags. Our deep inventory of the most current equipment from big names like Scubapro, Aqualung, O'Neill, Dive Rite, and much more means we're sure to have what you want in stock - our store rooms are nearly the size of our display floor!

Huron Scuba has trained over 3500 divers with a perfect safety record. Our three classrooms provide a comfortable, modern environment for the "dry" portion of your training. Digital projectors enable dynamic academic review sessions, and our classrooms contain ample hands-on tools such as first aid manikins, AED and Oxygen training units, and concrete training aids to illustrate key concepts in scuba diving. While relaxing between class sessions, enjoy complimentary coffee, water or pop, and watch DVDs of our Dive Team group trips on the in-classroom TV monitors.

For pool training sessions, you'll be just minutes down the road at one of several pools used by Huron Scuba - including Slauson, Clague, and Forsythe middle schools, the Saline Recreation Center, and Eastern Michigan University.

Our open water training sessions are held at a variety of locations - from Gilboa Quarry (near Findlay, Ohio), to Spring Mill Pond (near Brighton, Michigan), to the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes and the reefs of the Caribbean and Pacific. We offer all levels of training locally as well as on our organized group trips. As a special service to our open water students, Huron Scuba now provides warm TruWest parkas for use by our students during surface intervals to prevent chilling on windy or cool days. Designed to be worn over a wet wetsuit (or even drysuit), these Huron Scuba Dive Team "specials" will keep you cozy and comfortable, and ready to have fun on ALL your dives!

As a full-service professional dive facility, Huron Scuba provides complete fill station services, including air, Nitrox, Trimix, Argon, and Oxygen fills for appropriately trained divers. We also support other community needs for high pressure gas fills - including fills for paintball enthusiasts, race car teams, and speedboat rescue teams and SCBA and Scott Air-Pak fills for local businesses. Our air is tested quarterly, and you're always welcome to review the test results that are posted near the fill station.

Our repair area is the envy of many a scuba technician. With three full workbench repair stations, plus lots of room for conducting drysuit leak checks, assembling double cylinders, and other tasks, we can fix just about anything that comes our way. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers and have years of experience both in scuba repair and general mechanical troubleshooting.

Huron Scuba has always worked to bring you a wide range of quality rental equipment for your local and travel diving as well as training. Not content with low-end gear that few divers really use, we instead focus on mid- to high-end equipment for our rental department. Weight-integrated BCDs (including ladies' models) are available, as are top-end balanced adjustable regulators like the Aqualung Legend LX and the Scubapro MK25/S600. We rent both Scubapro and Suunto wrist-mounted dive computers, and include gauge clips and octopus retainers on our rentals to help you maintain the underwater environment and keep your equipment close at hand. There's no reason to fear getting cold when diving locally - we rent 7mm wetsuits in women's size 4 through 18, and men's size small through 4XL as well as kids size 10 to 16. We also have the largest fleet of rental drysuits we know of - over 20 drysuit systems for men and women in several styles and a full range of sizes. Diving tropical? We rent shorty wetsuits too.


Huron Scuba: What We Do

Huron Scuba's staff is here to help you with anything relating to the water. The best way to find out what best suits your needs is to consult our staff in person so we can provide perspective from our many years of experience in a variety of conditions. Our weekly staff training brings all our staff up to speed on the latest about our classes, travel, merchandise, and other news. Our staff and instructors have a wide variety of interests and specialties - so whether you're interested in underwater photography, cave diving, marine biology, identifying reef fish, or snorkeling with your kids, there's sure to be a kindred spirit at Huron Scuba.

Interested in learning to dive or furthering your dive knowledge? We offer all levels of basic and continuing education from snorkeling to technical diver and PADI Instructor. Up-to-date information on our scheduled classes and class offerings (as well as private classes) are always available on our website (available for browsing in the store), on posted whiteboards, and on our detailed printed class flyers. You'll get full understanding of the costs as well as time and equipment requirements before you sign up. Your student orientation when you sign up will go through your student course pack including a detailed course outline and informative handouts so you know what is expected of you - and what you can expect from us!

Huron Scuba believes divers want to be active - so we offer a variety of weekend destinations, warm-water group trips, individualized travel services, and social activities to keep you active even when you're not diving. Local fun dives led by divemasters and instructors, wine and cheese tastings, special presentations by diving experts, movie nights, and more can be part of your annual dive calendar. Our print and e-mail newsletters will keep you informed about events of interest to you without "flooding" your in-box.

At Huron Scuba, we consider ourselves fortunate to make a living doing what we love. So, we give back to the community that supports us. In Michigan's "down" economy, we support families in deepest need by sponsoring scuba splash parties to support the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program and our "closest" non-profit and neighbor - the Interfaith Hospitality Network's Alpha House, which provides transitional housing and support for homeless families with children who are struggling to secure and maintain their own homes.

We also consider local businesses to be a part of our community, and make conscious choices to select local businesses and suppliers for our own business needs whenever possible.

Huron Scuba recognizes that a healthy environment is good for divers and the wider community. We support both organized and "impromptu" environmental efforts including Project Aware cleanups, river trash pick-ups, recycling in our own facility, and removal of debris from dive sites. We encourage our students and Dive Team members to be responsible divers from Day One by emphasizing the need for good buoyancy and control of your equipment (even in the pool!). Every day can be Earth Day!

Huron Scuba also exerts a positive influence on future generations of potential divers and policy makers through in-school presentations made by our staff and Instructors. Children from preschool to middle school learn about the fascinating underwater world and what they as individuals can do to help keep it healthy for future generations. We offer Discover Scuba pool sessions to allow older children and teens to experience that world for themselves. Even if they never become divers, these kids gain respect for the fragility and importance of our world's aquatic environments.

Still want to know more about Huron Scuba? Stop by our Ann Arbor store, or call us at 734-994-3483, or email with any questions. Or, just ask around your friends, neighbors and co-workers - we're confident that they will give us a positive recommendation!


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