Congratulations on signing up for training at Huron Scuba! This checklist helps make sure that we provide you with information so you have every opportunity to be fully prepared for your first class session.
Please read this form and call us if you will have any difficulty meeting these requirements.
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Class deposit are non-refundable. Course fees may be transferred at no cost to you, one time with two-week notice, as per the complete details found in the Transfer Fee Policies you agreed to during your online enrollment process.
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Full amount of class & rental fees are due & become non-refundable two weeks prior to class start date.
Equipment Information:
The fit & function of your equipment is essential to the safety, enjoyment & quality of education for everyone involved. A Huron Scuba Divemaster or Instructor must inspect your equipment at least two weeks prior to class (no later than __________). Unapproved equipment may not be used. A list of acceptable equipment features is available on request. Remember, students in Open Water Scuba Diver training get unlimited exchange for fit while in training.
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Date / Staff
Inspection Results:
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MaskY / N    
SnorkelY / N    
BootsY / N    
FinsY / N    
All non-leadership pool training at Huron Scuba includes use of our rental wetsuits, tanks, BCs, regulators and weighting systems. If you do not purchase your own, this equipment may be rented for open water training; pay for and reserve specific equipment no later than two weeks prior to your starting date (__________).
For any life support equipment you plan to use during any water training (other than Huron Scuba rental gear), you must provide proof that it has been serviced by (or purchased from) a factory-certified and authorized dive facility within the past year. This information should be supplied at least two weeks prior to class (__________).  Full service and bench checks are available at Huron Scuba.
Equipment Description Inspection Results:
Yes, No, or Maybe
Proof of
Date / Staff

Materials Information:
At least two weeks prior to your class starting date (no later than __________), please visit Huron Scuba to submit your signed waiver and medical forms. Unless otherwise noted, you should read all text(s) and handout(s), and have all homework completed (including watching the DVD if your course has one), prior to the first class session.
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Medical clearance
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