Trip/Class: ______________________________ Rental Reservation for Dates:____________________________
Huron Scuba, Snorkel &
Adventure Travel Inc.
4816 Jackson Road #D, Ann Arbor MI 48103 Phone 734-994-3483

  • Rental fees are non-refundable.
  • You are renting a type of equipment, not a specific item. An exact piece of equipment may not be available for the time period of your rental because it may not have been returned by another customer, it may have been replaced, or it may be in the process of maintenance or repair.
  • Inspect your rental equipment, including setting it up on a cylinder and testing its functions, before you leave Huron Scuba. You rent this equipment "AS IS."
  • You must be certified and have adequate and current knowledge and training in the use of any scuba equipment (or be in scuba training). By renting scuba equipment, you are representing that those things are true.
  • You agree that you will not loan this equipment to anyone.
  • If this equipment is damaged or lost during your rental you will pay for its repair or replacement by Huron Scuba at current retail pricing.
  • After 7 days late, you will be charged for late fees plus replacement by Huron Scuba at current retail pricing.
  • You agree to pay a cleaning/service fee of up to $20 for each and every item returned in poor condition.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless HURON SCUBA, its agents, officers, directors and shareholders, from any claim, loss or liability related to his equipment.
Qty Item Size # Daily Wknd Week Amount
 BCD (standard)   $15$25$40 
 BCD (wt-integrated)   $20$30$55 
 Wetsuit (5mm-7mm)  $12$20$40 
 Wetsuit (tropical)  $8$12$24 
 Drysuit & hose kit  $70$95$140 
 Drysuit boots & insulation (Included with suit) 
 Weight belt  $4$6$12 
 Weight bag with 30 lbs   $15$20 $30 
 Hood  $5$7$10 
 Regulator system  $18$28$50 
 Dive computer  $15$23$40 
 Computer manual  $20 if damaged 
 Gear bag $2$3$6 
 Air cylinder up to 80 cu. ft.  $15$20 $30 
 Nitrox cylinder @32% 80 cu. ft.  $23$28 $38 
 Air High-capacity cylinder 95+ cu ft  $20$30 $40 
Nitrox High-capacity cylinder @32% $28 $38 $48
 Doubles (Nitrox 32% adds $16)  $50$75 $100 
 Dive light (batteries not included)  $7$10 $15 
 PADI Open Water Diver DVD n/a n/a$7 
 Spare Air with holster & fill adapter $12$25$50  
Subtotal rental  
Students in our classes and customers on trips paid through Huron Scuba (25% off)  
Must be returned by:
/       /
Or additional fees will be due.

to be filled out by staff:
RESERVED BY: __________
PACKED BY: __________
Checked out and
all inventory verified by: ________
DATE RETURNED: __________
RECEIVED BY: __________
Late fees paid, if owed: ________

DVDs not returned within 7 days of Due Date incur a charge of $47.29.
I authorize, by my signature below, Huron Scuba's charge to my credit card for all late fees, items not returned within 7 days of the due date, and any necessary cleaning, repair and/or replacement of these items rented by me.

RENTED BY ____________________________________________________________ DATE______________________