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Join the Huron Scuba PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge

Do you want to join the best of the best in recreational diving? Explore the underwater world like never before? Live the diving lifestyle? If you do, you'll want to visit Huron Scuba to take the challenge - the PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge. (If you're not yet a certified diver, get started today!)

Master Scuba Diver is PADI's highest recreational diving certification. This is where the best of the best come to play because the dive possibilities are endless. To earn a PADI Master Scuba Diver certification you must have completed the following:


Become a  PADI Master Scuba Diver and get your name on the Master Scuba Diver Wall for all to see!


At Huron Scuba, we are offering a wider variety of Advanced and Specialty dive training than ever before including dedicated "PADI Specialty Weekends" at Gilboa Quarry & on Lake Huron. All our group trips - including weekend getaways to Tobermory, Whitefish Point, Alpena and the Straits of Mackinac as well as vacations to Playa del Carmen, Bonaire, the Galapagos and more - offer the opportunity to add to your fun and skills while making you a better diver. Our local fun dives and Lake Huron charters are great ways to add to your dive log.

This is not just a "check the boxes" recognition. Our teaching team is intensely focused on making sure you truly learn the ins and outs of each specialty you complete, so you get full value out of your investment in your dive education while having fun and enjoying new aspects of diving. As a Master Scuba Diver, you'll have a whole new level of confidence whether you're diving local wrecks, quarries, reefs or exploring exciting dive environments around the world.

The challenge is on - it's your turn to Want It, Live It and Dive It. Contact Huron Scuba to get started today!

Entry Level

For Everyone

Leadership Courses

PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Divemaster
DAN Instructor (Teach Oxygen Provider, AED, HMLI, and EMP)
PADI Instructor

Continuing Education

Introductory Classes Schedule Printable schedule with Discover Scuba Workshop, Snorkeling, and PADI Seal Team classes
Basic Scuba Diver Schedule Printable schedule with Basic Open Water Courses (weekend and weeknight class & pool, & Open Water Cert dives)
"Core" Continuing Education Schedule Printable schedule with Refresher, Advanced, Nitrox, Drysuit, Rescue courses
Continuing Education Schedule Printable schedule with other continuing education classes (First Aid/CPR, Equipment Specialist, Divemaster, etc.)


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