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99% of Huron Scuba student-divers would recommend us to a friend or loved one.  Here is some of the spontaneous feedback we get from our divers in training.

Just wanted to give great feedback on the class with Ken [VanBrimer] and Tom [Shull] and Trent [Mitchell].  Felt they did all they could to make sure everyone in the class understood and could do the required exercises and were always patient and encouraging. They also did small very nice things like Ken using one of his own "Save A Dive" carabiners when my BDC didn't have a clip for the console and letting me use his split fins cause someone else was using the trial split fins.  (I ended up trading up to the split fins after that).  Tom traded out a clip I was having a hard time using for one of his own that worked better for me and also put up with my frustration when I kept goofing up the gear set up, and when my regulator air flow was too mild for the regulator free flow exercise  Trent let me use his nitrox up to do the exercise. They were prepared, knowledgeable and definitely put themselves into the course.

Thanks, Kathy Dietz & Paul Pazdalski
Gary -

Thanks again for such a GREAT class.  Given my initial anxiety coming into the class, I can say without a doubt that YOU made it easy and comfortable for me to learn, and I wondered on the way home last night why I ever even had any doubts.  

You are a wonderful instructor and Mike and I feel extremely lucky to have had you as our scuba instructor.  

Have a great day!  
Karen Pattock
We had a great weekend during our advanced diving course at Gilboa Quarry earlier this month.  Beth [Loesch] is a terrific instructor.  She was very good at explaining each part of every dive, as well as laying out the plan for the weekend.  I also very much appreciated how patient and flexible she was.   For the dry suit dive, I dropped my weight belt during the BCD removal exercise.  That would test the patience of a saint; yet Beth maintained wonderful composure, while having to retrieve my 25 lb. weight belt at 20+ feet... I struggled very much, was only able to make 3 of the dives, and only passed two of them.  However, I am glad that I took the course.  I learned a great deal, and I have a better appreciation of my skill level and abilities.  I think that because of the course, I will be a much safer diver, as I understand far better what to do in a variety of circumstances.   Even though I did not attain the certification (this time), I am more confident about diving... I really appreciate that Beth was honest in her assessments with me, and that she did not pass me when I didn’t meet the skill requirements... Thanks again, Dave. We enjoy working with everyone at Huron Scuba, and look forward to a long association with you and diving!
Best regards, Debbie Menk
Hi Dave,
You have an impressive group of instructors. This weekend Gail taught the adventure dive. She was thorough and competent. She was familiar with my training history and flexible in her teaching. She stayed late on Saturday,  then went out of her way to try to solve a minor problem I was having with the dry suit. I learned as much from the pre- and post-dive  (de) briefings as I did from the dive itself. I plan to sign up for the Akumal trip later this week, in no small measure because this weekend was a success.

I want to let you know that I appreciate the help that Ray gave me during open water certification. I believe that many teachers do care and want their students to succeed. Ray worked to see that I did succeed in improving my buoyancy control. I noticed that he also worked with another student to master her dive tables.
--Mark Wolcott

It's UNANIMOUS! From all four students in Del Bancroft's April 2006 Weekend Executive PADI Open Water Diver course:

Hi, Last night as I fell asleep I felt as thought I was rising as I inhaled and sinking as I exhaled so I guess that means I achieved neutral buoyancy! Our instructor, Del, was friendly and kind. He was extremely knowledgeable and made sure we all were prepared and confident before moving on. It was reassuring to have an instructor that was so helpful. I feel like the whole weekend was structured to maximize our learning. I feel secure in my knowledge. I am looking forward to completing my open water dives to finish up my certification. The whole weekend was a fantastic.
Thank you,
Amy B

Having just finished the PADI Open Water Diver Classroom and Pool weekend course with Del as the primary instructor, please let me take this opportunity to offer my impressions of your new instructor. Both myself and my wife, Jackie, found Del to be a very personable and friendly individual, one who obviously is passionate about diving. His enthusiasm for diving is infectious. Many of the classroom questions and pool activities were laced with his personal experience, which really adds to the material in the book. Del really shines, though, in the water. He is patient with us new and clumsy divers, willing to go over the material as many times as necessary so that we can get comfortable the skills required. He is superb at demonstrating these skills in the water, making it easier for us to follow his lead. None of us were ever rushed, none of us ever made to feel awkward or clumsy, even though some of us, in fact, are clumsy and awkward. I think you can feel confident and secure with your classroom under Del's watch. I hope these comments are useful. Jackie and I really did enjoy the weekend and look forward to the open water dives, and hopefully, years of fun diving.
Rick Pomerantz

Hi,  I wanted to thank you and complement Del on his excellent dive instructor skills.  Del shows confidence, clarity, and purpose when teaching; his experience comes through when demonstrating.  I can't think of a single instance during the entire course when Del was unable to answer our questions.  He also had no problem changing his teaching pace to reflect what the students required.  In personnel instruction, this is the mark of a well-trained, highly-experienced teacher.
Thanks so much,

click to enlarge photoFrom a repeat individual travel customer:

Hi Rachael, Thanks so much for all your help. We're looking forward to a week in Cozumel. Two adults and seven kids, mixed with Hurricane Wilma, closed hotels, and wonderful diving. Thanks for organizing it. We couldn't do it without you.

Here is a picture from our trip to Nassau in February. We appreciate your suggesting Stuart Cove. They were organized, professional, friendly, and (as you can see) they have big teeth! It was a thrill of a lifetime. I still can't believe we did it.

Thanks again,
Sam, Jonathan, and Rebekah

From two divers completing Open Water dives by Referral in Australia:

Hi, To follow up on our conversation from yesterday, I wanted to send you this note so you can let your instructors know that the caliber of instruction you offer has been noticed by other dive professionals in Australia. My Brother-in-law, Paul Gietzen and I enrolled in the Weekend Executive course on January 20 - 22 and were taught primarily by Joe Cloutier. You, Jessica [Harned], Joe's wife [Barbara Cloutier] and another gentleman joined us during the classroom and pool instruction as well.

We did our open water dives on 2/9 and 2/10 with instructor Nadine Morgan of TUSA in Cairns, Queensland, Australia on various dive sites on Hastings and Saxon reefs on the Great Barrier Reef. Nadine mentioned to us and to two of my colleagues that Paul and I were two of the best students she has taught out over one hundred in the time she has been a certified instructor. I believe that statement speaks volumes about the type of instructors that you work with at Huron Scuba. In addition, other members of the TUSA staff commented on how well-prepared we were. Of course, the fact that you had two prodigal students couldn't have hurt either! ;-)

Again, I truly appreciate Huron Scuba's professionalism and dedication to making us the best dive buddies we can be. I have attached some pictures that were taken on the first day of our certification dives.

Thanks again!
Jon Locke

From a diver completing Huron Scuba's Weekend Executive Course:

Please pass on to Joe Cloutier and Ken VanBrimer my thanks for the way they conducted the introductory scuba diving course this past weekend. I can not image a more impressive set of instructors.

Joe’s personal manner made me feel at all times comfortable. He was thorough and sensitive to each student’s needs and progress. Not once did he fail to treat each student with respect and consideration. In addition, he showed the utmost patience with the one student who seemed not to take the course seriously.

Ken, too, is an outstanding instructor and appears very knowledgeable. I appreciated his technical comments and advice throughout the weekend. I also appreciated his willingness to show me two additional skills required for dual PADI – NAUI certification.

The weekend course is very demanding. However, with the proper mental and physical preparation on the part of the student and with the kinds of instructors you provided, it is both feasible and satisfying. I plan to continue training at Huron Scuba and hope to take a dive trip with you in the fall.

Best regards,
Mark Wolcott

From the parent of a teenager completing her certification with Huron Scuba:

Just want to say thanks to all of you at Huron Scuba. My daughter recently completed both the Discover Dive class and then followed up with the Beginning Dive class. Jessica [Harned], Gary [Sundermann] and Gail [Roe] were very patient and supportive of her training. She has nothing but praise for their efforts and skills as instructors. I am very proud of the knowledge and skill that she acquired through your teachings. She completed her Open Water on Tuesday at Higgins Lake with Gary and everything went very well. I had the privilege of accompanying Katie and Gary on her 5th dive and you cannot imagine the pride I experienced being the first diver to receive her signature in a log book.

Thank you once again!
Don Waskiewicz


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