Congratulations on completing the classroom and pool diving portion of your PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Course at Huron Scuba (PADI 5-Star Dive Center S-20440)! This checklist discusses the process for completing your PADI Open Water Diver Certification by referral. Upon successful completion, you will earn your PADI Open Water Diver certification card. If you purchased Huron Scuba's Complete Open Water Diver Package, referral services and all required adminstrative support are included.    
Referral Dives Information:
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Huron Scuba will recommend a dive operator, hotel, restaurants, etc. on all islands where we have experience. Ask for an appointment with one of our travel experts. We can also arrange your hotel or dive packages to assure the best quality and value based upon our experience. Remember, travel bookings paid through Huron Scuba also earn Dive Team Rewards!
   [  ] Your Referral Instructor will require that you successfully perform all of the diving skills you acquired in the pool. You will also be taught to use your compass underwater. If you do not feel ready for certification dives, contact us immediately to schedule additional instruction. If it has been several months since your pool dives, a refresher course is strongly encouraged to improve your comfort, safety, and likelihood of success during your open water dives.
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We highly recommend that you upgrade your DAN Student Insurance to regular status before your dives because the student insurance provides limited coverage and expires as soon as you complete your last certification dive. Call DAN at 1-800-446-2671 and tell them you want to upgrade your student membership; use Sponsor Code #414981.
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So that we may complete our paperwork and get your feedback on your certification instructor, please stop by to tell us about your dives and let us copy your logbook pages for your file. Your original instructors care about your ultimate success and may call you to follow up.
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You have earned the first half of the prestigious PADI Open Water Diver certification card, which is a terrific accomplishment. Insist that your Referral Instructor be a trained professional who lets you prove to yourself that you are ready! You have hired them for their expertise and you should expect nothing less than a thorough Open Water evaluation to build confidence in these essential skills in case they are needed.
Required skills for certification:
If you did not perform these skills on your dives, ask to speak with Huron Scuba's owner - Brian Bondy.
 [  ]  Log 4 or more dives  [  ]  Navigate reciprocal course with a compass  [  ]  Regulator recovery
 [  ]  Remove & replace BCD  [  ]  Equipment assembly & disassembly (4 times)  [  ]  Hovering
 [  ]  Remove & replace weights  [  ]  Use dive tables before & after every dive  [  ]  Tired diver tow
 [  ]  Remove & replace mask  [  ]  CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) [  ]  Cramp removal
 [  ]  Alternate air sharing ascent [  ]  Alt. air sharing (stationary, as donor & receiver) [  ]  Fun!
Equipment Information:
   [  ]
You must provide your personal snorkeling equipment as you did in the pool; remember to bring your personal mouthpiece so it may be installed on your rental regulator!
Student Open Water Packing Checklist:
You must bring these items with you to the dive site!
Recommended items:
 [  ]  Mask  [  ]  Towel  [  ]  Dive watch or dive computer  [  ]  Dive gloves
 [  ]  Snorkel  [  ]  Defog  [  ]  Referral form  [  ]  Snack & drink
 [  ]  Boots  [  ]  Swimsuit  [  ]  Copy of medical form  [  ]  Hat/sunscreen
 [  ]  Fins  [  ]  Personal logbook [  ]   [  ]  Jacket
 [  ]  Personal mouthpiece [  ]  Dive tables [  ]   [  ]  Camera
Scuba Equipment Checklist:
Your personal or rental scuba equipment must include these items!
 [  ]  Regulator set with alternate air source, compass, pressure gauge, and depth gauge or computer
 [  ]  Dive computer
 [  ]  BCD with power inflator & whistle  [  ]  Full cylinder (will be provided at your destination)
 [  ]  Wetsuit, appropriate for conditions  [  ]  Weight belt and weights (will be provided at your destination)

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