Dive Travel Checklist (html) from Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan

Great Lakes Dive Trip Checklist

Here's a useful trip checklist for divers exploring Great Lakes shipwrecks. Our Dive Team members use it to guide their packing when traveling with us.

  • If diving in Canada: Current passport
  • Full exposure suit for water temperatures of 45-55F (7mm wetsuit or drysuit with undergarments)
  • Cold-water hood, gloves, & booties
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Buoyancy compensator with power inflator
  • Regulator set with primary and alternate air source
  • Instruments: depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, compass, watch or timer or computer
  • Weight belt & weights (or weights plus weight-integrated BC weight pouches) **Note: Weights are NOT usually provided by Great Lakes dive boats**
  • Full cylinders for the number of dives you'll be doing on each boat trip (usually 2, maybe 4) **Note: Tanks are NOT usually provided by Great Lakes dive boats**
  • If shore diving: dive flag and float
  • If night diving: primary and backup underwater lights, plus marker light or cyalume stick
  • Whistle, dive alert, or other surface noisemaker
  • Dive knife or cutting device
  • Collapsible gear bag to keep equipment neat & compact on the dive boat (mesh preferred)
  • Up-to-date logbook
  • Certification card(s) - including Nitrox certification
  • Dive tables and/or dive computer
  • DAN Insurance information & member number
  • Emergency contact numbers & medical alert information
  • Dive computer
  • Pony bottle set-up (or redundant regulator on H-valve, or manifolded dual cylinders)
  • Mask defog
  • Sunscreen, hat, & sunglasses with retainer cord
  • Personal scuba snacks & beverages
  • Seasickness medication, if needed
  • Wind and waterproof jacket, plus warm sweatshirt
  • Underwater slate & pencil
  • Save-a-dive kit (diver's tool, spare parts, o-rings, mask & fin straps, snorkel keeper, silicone grease, etc.)  **Note: These items are NOT usually available on Great Lakes dive boats**
  • Visual and audible surface signaling devices (sea sausage, mirror, strobe, Dive Alert)
  • Clips for attaching all your gear to your BC
  • Shipwreck guide books
  • Dry bag or box to bring on the boat to keep your towel & wallet dry
  • Personal items (towel, swimsuit, medications, spending money...)
  • Comfortable, casual clothes
  • Underwater camera and/or land camera
  • Extra film & batteries
  • Nothing to upset Customs officials, if traveling into Canada


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