Definitions of Acceptable Scuba Diving Equipment for Training at Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Scuba Diving Equipment for use in Training: Regulators, BCDs, and Cylinders
  1. Must have proof of servicing or bench check within the past year by a manufacturer's authorized technician (per manufacturer's recommendation).
  2. Must be appropriate for conditions
  3. New equipment less than one year old must have been purchased from an authorized dealer of that equipment, or a bench check must be performed at Huron Scuba to verify compliance with manufacturer's specifications.
Individual Equipment Requirements
Each student must have the following on their person while in the water. Specialty classes may have additional equipment requirements; check the course details.
  1. Appropriate mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. At the Instructor's discretion and as allowed by agency standards, snorkel may stowed in a pocket for levels beyond Open Water Scuba Diver.
  2. Primary regulator appropriate for expected temperatures
  3. Secondary regulator (e.g. octopus on 39 hose, or Air 2 type alternate inflation regulator on BCD, or pony bottle 19 cu ft or larger with regulator, or 5-7' hose setup with short hose secondary)
  4. Pressure gauge (analog SPG or air integrated dive computer)
  5. Depth gauge with maximum depth indicator (analog depth with max depth needle, or dive computer, or digital bottom timer)
  6. Compass with movable bezel and index marks (not required for pool training)
  7. Dive timer (analog watch with dive bezel or digital watch with timer function, or dive computer, or digital bottom timer) (not required for pool training)
  8. Buoyancy compensator with power inflator
    • Must have appropriate lift for planned dive and exposure suit
    • Must fit properly and be easily removable in case of emergency
    • Must wear a BCD even if wearing a drysuit
  9. Weighting system
    • Must use soft lead for all pool training
    • Must be easily ditchable by diver or buddy in case of distress, but stay secure during dive
    • May be weight belt, integrated BCD, or weight harness
    • Special requirements apply to Technical Diver training; see assigned Instructor
  10. Exposure suit appropriate for conditions
    • Must be sufficient for temperatures at the planned and contingency depth
    • Must fit properly and not restrict breathing or required movement
    • Must include gloves and hood unless no diving is planned below the thermocline
    • Should include gloves for all diving where zebra mussels or steel wreck debris may be encountered, regardless of temperature
  11. Full cylinder with enough gas for the planned dive
    • Reserve valve, if present, must be disabled
    • Must have current visual inspection (within past 12 months) and hydro test (within past 5 years)


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