Definitions of Acceptable Personal Snorkeling Equipment for Training at Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Basic Snorkeling Equipment for Scuba Diving Training
Students must provide their own appropriate snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, and boots) for scuba diving training. Purchase at Huron Scuba to get your student discount and “unlimited exchange for fit” privileges, or have your previously owned equipment inspected by a staff member for fit and suitability for scuba diving.
  1. Must be high-quality silicone skirt with tempered glass or polycarbonate lenses.
  2. Must fit properly; there is no “getting by” with a poor-fitting mask, even in the pool.
  3. Should be mid-to-low volume mask if one is available that fits well.
  4. No rubber, PVC, or plastic-like skirts.
  5. No swim goggles except during swim skills.
  6. Students who require corrective lenses must use either a prescription mask or contact lenses (soft or semi-hard gas permeable). Students that need corrective lenses for driving a car must have them for all diving including pool training.
  7. Mask must be in good condition (no cracks, splits, dry rot, or leaks).
  1. Must have a flex section on the tube that allows the snorkel mouthpiece to drop-away when doing snorkel-regulator exchanges. Note: some snorkels have a clear section that appears flexible, but does not drop away.
  2. Must have a snorkel keeper to attach to mask strap.
  3. Must be appropriate diameter and length for the student's body size.
  4. Must be in good condition (no cracks, splits, dry rot, or leaks).
  5. Heavy or bulky dry-valves are strongly discouraged.
  6. A purge for ease of clearing is recommended.
  7. Replaceable mouthpiece is recommended.
  1. Must be either open-heel adjustable fins, or high-performance full-foot fins such as the Scubapro Twin Jet full foot fin. Even for pool training, fins must be appropriate for open water diving conditions.
  2. Open-heel fins must be worn with properly fitting neoprene over-the ankle boots with a sole.
  3. Fins must fit properly and be in good condition (no cracks, splits, or dry rot).
  4. Should have quick-release buckles or spring straps, with straps in good condition.


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