Kids Wetsuits and other Children's Gear at Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Wetsuits, Swimming & Snorkeling Gear For Kids

Children's wetsuits, snorkel and swim gear: Huron Scuba's children's wetsuit trade-in program is a great way to stretch those dollars while your kids are growing fast. Any kids' wetsuit purchased at Huron Scuba can be traded in for up to 25% of the original purchase price of the original suit towards the new suit, depending on its condition. See the store for details, or call us at 734-994-3483

Activities for kids: Huron Scuba is always looking for ways for families with children to enjoy the water. Children as young as 6 years old can participate in our Discover Snorkeling class, and frequently we have three generations of a family in the class! Starting at age 8, kids can join the PADI Seal Team program, in which kids get to experience scuba diving in the controlled environment of a pool while participating in kid-friendly activities. Age 10 is the minimum age for Basic Scuba Diver training (PADI classes only), though kids age 10-11 do best if they complete the Seal Team program first. All our scheduled Basic Scuba Diver classes are open to ages 12 and up.

Family-friendly travel: Huron Scuba kids join their parents for a couple of trips a year to popular diving destinations that are also friendly to children.  Often, there are specific kids' programs provided by the resorts, or a US-based nanny that joins the trip to babysit while the folks go diving or snorkeling.  Check our current listing of trips for details - past popular destinations have included Cozumel, Bonaire, and Roatan, Honduras (which has a summer "Kids' Camp").

Kids Wetsuits: UVA/UVB Sun Protection Suits

Sun protection for kids who don't need the warmth of neoprene! Designed for UVA/UVB sun protection, these Lycra kids wet suits and sun shirts for children have maximum flexibility and can be worn in or out of the water, at the beach or the pool.   Flatloc stitched for breathable, comfortable seams. Front-zip or back-zip wet suits available in kids sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6. Long sleeve or short sleeve shirts available in kids sizes 4 through 16. Manufactured by O'Neill, Henderson, and Neosport.


Kids Wetsuits: Neoprene Shorties

Kids neoprene wet suits are the best way to keep children warm in swim lessons, at the beach, and playing in the water. These "shortie" styles of kids wetsuits are easy to put on and take off, and give kids full range of motion for comfort and flexibility. Some styles have lycra panels at the arms and sides for further flexibility and are ideal for older kids working on swim strokes. Several styles are available for babies and toddlers (size 1 to 4), and several are available for older children (size 4 to 16). Manufactured by O'Neill, Henderson, Neosport, Bare, and AquaSphere.


Kids Wetsuits: Neoprene Full Suits

These full length kids neoprene wet suits full-body protection for snorkeling, scuba diving, bodyboarding, surfing, and more. For babies, toddlers, and little kids, full wetsuits provide maximum warmth for swim lessons, as well as "sand protection" at the beach.  Some styles are available for babies and toddlers (size 1 to 4), and many are available for older children (size 4 to 16). There's even a cold-water wetsuit perfect for junior scuba divers! Manufactured by O'Neill and Bare.

More featured Children's products:
AquaSphere Seal Kid Swim Goggle Mask: Comfortable, great-fitting goggles with UV protection and panoramic view. Available with clear ($16.95) or tinted lenses ($17.95).
AquaSphere Kaiman Goggles: Excellent fit & comfort in a more traditional goggle style.  Available with clear, tinted, or blue lenses.
Adult sizes and Kids' sizes
Bare Kids Dolphin Floaty Swim Suit: Give little kids the confidence they need in learn-to-swim classes. Integrated low-profile flotation in the chest and upper back, back zip, lycra construction. Sizes 2, 4 & 6.


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