Kodak Sea Processing Price Sheet from Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
KODAK Sea Processing Pricing

Pricing listed is for reference only.

Service times exclude weekends & holidays. Small orders may have longer service times.

35mm Pictures: One or two glossy prints from each 35mm color negative. Index print included with order. Negatives are returned in protective plastic sleeving. Four day service.

  4"x6" Prints 5"x7" Prints
12 exp. N/A N/AN/A N/A
24 exp. N/A N/AN/A N/A
36 exp. N/A N/AN/A N/A

Advanced Photo System: Glossy pictures from each color negative. Quantity of pictures based on film cassette coding or film envelope instructions. Four day service. Develop and Index Print are not available without printing all negatives in cassette.

  Single Double
15 exp. $8.45$11.75
25 exp.$12.25$17.75
40 exp.$17.95$26.75

Kodak Picture CD: Available from 35mm and APS film. Must be ordered with original roll processing. Your rolls are delivered as high resolution image files on a CD ROM. Picture CD's include easy-to-use, interactive software to help you use your pictures in your computer. Available only from color print film, not slide films. The prices below are in addition to the regular cost of processing.

112 to 27 exp. rolladd $6.50
36 to 40 exp. rolladd $7.70

Internet Upload of your Pictures: Must be ordered with original roll processing and prints. Your rolls are delivered as screen-resolution image files on the Internet. Service available on 35mm color print film and APS color print film. The price below is in addition to the regular cost of film processing and prints.

12 to 40 exp rolladd $4.50

Other Processing Services:
35 mm slide processing: Ektachrome (4 day service) Kodachrome (10 day service)

24 exp.$5.99$6.99
36 exp.$7.99$8.99

35 mm Black & White processing: All black & white films. Recommended dive film: Kodak Black & White+.

4"x6" printsSingleDouble
12 exp.$8.15$11.39
24 exp.$13.55$20.03
36 exp.$18.95$28.67

35 mm reprints and enlargements: From negatives, slides (4"x6" reprints not available from slides), or lab-archived digital images.

ReprintsService time1-5 each6-15 each16+ each
4"x6"5 days$0.75$0.65$0.55
EnlargementsService time1 each2-5 each6+ each
5"x7"5 days$3.25$3.00$2.75
8"x10"5 days$6.50$5.75$5.25
8"x12"5 days$6.50$5.75$5.25
11"x14"5 days$14.00$13.25$12.25
12"x18"5 days$16.00$14.75$13.75

Advanced Photo System reprints & enlargements: From negatives or lab-archived digital images.

ReprintsService time1-5 ea.6-15 ea.16+ ea.
4"x6" C5 days$0.75$0.65$0.55
4"x7" H5 days$0.75$0.65$0.55
4"x11-1/2" P 5 days$0.85$0.70$0.60
EnlargementsService time1 each2-5 ea.6+ ea.
5"x7" C5 days$3.25$3.00$2.75
5"x8-1/2" H5 days$3.50$3.25$3.00
5"x14" P5 days$5.50$5.00$4.50
8"x12" C5 days$6.50$5.75$5.25
8"x14" H5 days$6.75$6.00$5.50

Photo Gifts: From negatives, slides, prints, and lab-archived images.

ItemService TimePrice ea.
Coffee mug5 days$15.99
T-shirt5 days$16.99
Mouse pad5 days$15.99
Hat5 days$14.49


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