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Rental Equipment Sale

We're rotating rental gear, which means you can pick up some great dive gear at great prices.

Buy USED and SAVE !
2mm Shorty Wetsuits for men & women: Starting at $29.99   Retired Rental BCDs starting at $199.99
Complete regulator sets with octopus & gauges from $499.99   Cold water wetsuits (7mm for men & women) starting at $169.99
Retired rental DUI DRYSUITS from $845 to $1795 - several available for men & women (see list at bottom of page, below)   Trade-in children's wetsuits from $19.99

Dive Now, Pay Later with 0% Financing from GE Money!

GE Money no-interest financingNow available at Huron Scuba, no-interest financing through GE Money Sport. You can get instant approval for no-interest financing of your new dive equipment - or even your upcoming trip or scuba courses! Use the bank's money while you enjoy your summer of diving! Take 6 months or even a year to pay for your purchases - and you don't pay any interest charges as long as you pay the balance on time.

Approval takes just minutes, and you'll get a credit line you can use now as well as later for all your Huron Scuba purchases. This is a great way to take advantage of the limited-time promotions being offered by our manufacturers this summer! Minimum purchase required; the full program details are available for your review at Huron Scuba.

NEW Vyper Air from Suunto - Air-Integrated Nitrox Computer with Digital Compass for under $1100!

NEW Vyper Air dive computer from SuuntoThe Suunto Vyper Air is the newest addition to the Suunto family and includes optional wireless air integration and a technologically advanced electronic 3D compass. With wireless air integration, the Suunto Vyper Air allows divers to monitor tank pressure and air consumption from the computer on your wrist. The Vyper Air’s new electronic 3D compass has user adjustable time out and offers divers the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees in any direction without impairing the ability to read figures clearly and accurately. The Vyper Air includes Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes and gas switching. For divers using enriched air, the Suunto Vyper Air can be programmed in one percent increments for nitrox mixtures between 21 and 100 percent oxygen.

Fun, Functional, Fashionable - Watersports Apparel for Summer!

Did you know? Huron Scuba stocks more than just equipment. We have a wide variety of rashguards, boardshorts, and sun protective shirts for men, women, and kids in long or short sleeved, sleeveless, and even hoodie styles. Choose from traditional snug-fitting rashguards to wear under your wetsuit, or loosen up with a rash tee that gives 50+ UV protection without that painted-on look. We even have cool, breathable loose-fit sun shirts from XCel and O'Neill that keep the harsh rays off while you're golfing, running, working out at the gym, or just hanging out at the beach. Pair one of these shirts with boardshorts from O'Neill and you're ready for anything summer can dish out - here in Michigan or anywhere the sun is strong.

Upgrade your Wardrobe with our Trade-in Program!

It's time to refresh your clothing choices just in time for spring! Huron Scuba wants to help you upgrade from those old dive t-shirts & baseball caps you've been wearing. From now through April 30, bring in any piece of wearable apparel - and we'll give you a NEW Huron Scuba Dive Team one to replace it! Walk in with the old, walk out with the new - and you can show the world you're a diver!

Bring a polo or golf shirt, get a sharp looking Huron Scuba polo for casual Fridays.  Bring a hat, get a snazzy Huron Scuba Dive Team baseball cap or knit hat. Bring a long sleeved t-shirt, get a replacement Huron Scuba Dive Team long sleeve shirt. You get the idea! We'll donate the items you bring in to charity, so please be sure whatever you bring in is in wearable condition, not ready for the trash heap. Limit one new item per person, please!

Buy it Here First! H2 Hyperstretch from Henderson

henderson h2 hyperstretchHenderson Hyperstretch wetsuits have been our best-selling suits in recent years because of their great stretch, comfort, and fit that conforms to your body. Now, Henderson has improved on the classic Hyperstretch with their new H2 - think of it as Hyperstretch 2.0! Huron Scuba is among a limited number of dealers to currently stock the H2 line - and we have it NOW in 3mm fullsuits and shorties for men and women, as well as 5mm and 7mm fullsuits and 5/3mm hooded vests.

H2 presents new and enhanced features that you've been asking for:

  • Exclusive H2 ultra soft low modulus extended memory foam rubber with titanium lining offers the same 250% stretch as with the original Hyperstretch but with a revolutionary interior and exterior fabric laminate called Aquasilk
  • This exclusive combination of rubber and fabric provides a bit more compression than traditional Hyperstretch to keep the suit from ballooning which can let cold water in when you first hit the water.
  • The exclusive Aquasilk interior and exterior provides the pill resistant and rugged durability required for divers with an ultra soft and supple feel found traditionally in natural fabrics. Field tested to resist velcro!
  • All seams are double glued for superior integrity and all seam ends and intersections are reinforced for maximum dependability.
  • In stock now at Huron Scuba!

New SeaLife Reefmaster DC1200 Digital Underwater Camera

sealife reefmaster dc1000 cameraSeaLife has earned a loyal following for their Reefmaster cameras because of their ease of use, reasonable cost, and available accessories. Now, the new DC1200 improves on the previous generations of digital underwater cameras and adds some new features:

  • The New SeaLife DC1200's Underwater Color Modes and Easy Set-up mode make it easier than ever to take great pictures.
  • The newest addition to the SeaLife line debuts the Easy Set-up mode - a graphic on-screen guide that takes the guess work out of setting up the camera for great pictures on land or underwater.
  • The DC1200 includes four new specially designed underwater modes that make it simple and easy to take perfect pictures in any water conditions.
  • The updated housing includes an ergonomic design, large shutter button and well-spaced buttons make the camera easy to handle and user-friendly.
  • Quick shutter response for fast action photography and long lasting lithium battery so you can take lots of pictures all day long.
  • Depth tested to 200ft and a fully rubber armored housing for shock protection means this camera can be your all-around camera for rafting, snorkeling, diving, and more.
  • NOW IN STOCK at Huron Scuba! Camera & housing just $499.95, or packaged with a digital strobe, wide angle lens, and tote bag for $899.95!

New! Environmentally friendly wetsuits and apparel from XCel Wetsuits

Just in for Spring, we have "green" products from XCel Wetsuits of Hawaii. The XCel Bamboo Ventx series of sun shirts offer lightweight, breathable, quick-drying sun protection for watersports as well as active sports (think golf, tennis, running) and casual wear. These shirts can go from the dive boat, to refreshments at a beachside bar, to a sightseeing excursion without getting clammy or uncomfortable like cotton would. Bamboo charcoal infused yarns are combined with recycled polyester to make a 4-way stretch performance fabric.

For the Bamboo Ultrastretch wetsuit series, XCel takes that same technology of bamboo charcoal and recycled polyester fabric, and bonds it to limestone-based neoprene to produce wetsuits that are as easy on your body as they are on the environment. We currently stock the men's 5/4/3mm jumpsuit (for comfort on those longer dives in the Caribbean or Hawaii), as well as the women's 8/7/6mm Thermobarrier suit, designed especially for women with an easy-entry back zipper along with a detachable hood that works with the built-in water dams to make this a semi-dry suit that is (finally!) easy to get on over a woman's shape.

Camera prices are dropping - bring one underwater with you!

Both Sea & Sea and Reefmaster have recently lowered prices on their popular lines of easy-to-use underwater digital cameras - and Huron Scuba has them in stock along with strobe sets and accessories. The new products make it easier than ever to take pictures underwater.

Choose from the easy-to-use, pick up and shoot Reefmaster Mini ($259.95) and DC800 ($399.95), as well as the super-compact Sea & Sea DX-1200HD that lets you take both HD video and 12 megapixel digital stills underwater - now just $599.95! For more advanced shooters, the Sea & Sea DX-1G offers full manual modes as well as RAW format capability - which makes it easier to "fix it in Photoshop" if your picture doesn't have perfect exposure or color balance. Get all this and more for the new, lower price of $799.95.



We are clearing out our rental equipment room now, getting ready to put in new gear for the spring season.

This is a great time to pick up awesome deals on well-cared for used equipment that is ready to go diving right away.

But please note, all equipment is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED and is subject to prior sale. So act fast!


Used drysuits from Huron Scuba's rental - at great savings off their new price - most only 2-3 dive seasons old! Subject to prior sale, please check with the shop for current selection.

MEDIUM -26 TLS-SE ZIP-ZIP 2004 GOOD $950  $845
LARGE-92 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2005 GOOD $1299 $1199
L/XL -65 FLX 50/50 ZIP-STD 2004 EXCELLENT $1399   $1309
XL -52 CLX-450 ZIP-ZIP 2005 EXCELLENT $1799   $1699
XL -33 TLS-350 ZIP-STD 2004 GOOD $1299   $1199
SMALL -92 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2005 VERY GOOD $1399  $1299
MEDIUM -25 TLS-SE STD-STD 2003 VERY GOOD $799   $699
MEDIUM -51 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2005 NEARLY NEW $1899    $1799
MEDIUM-LARGE -29 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2002 EXCELLENT $1699   $1499
XL -49 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2004 EXCELLENT $1599   $1499
XL -99 TLS-350 ZIP-ZIP 2002 VERY GOOD $1399   $1249
XXL -71  FLX 50/50 ZIP-ZIP 2006 NEARLY NEW $1999   $1799
All suits have been leak tested, and are sold “as-is.” All suits have latex wrist and neck seals; mostly with DUI “Zip” system Prices $1,000 and up include suit and boots; under $1,000 is for suit only. DUI Drysuit hose add $88 (new). For Rock Boots, add $96 (new) or $60 (used: You pick size, we pick boots).

We also have a selection of drysuit undergarments, including single-layer Actionwear Jumpsuits at up to 75% off retail. These are great for a light layer in summer , or to double up in colder water.

Used BCDs from rental - subject to prior sale, please check w/shop for current selection

S-3-W    Sea Quest Pro QD        $235
S-4-W    Sea Quest Pro QD        $230

M-3-W    Sea Quest Balance       $265
M-5-W    Scuba Pro Glide Plus    $215
M-9-W    Scuba Pro Glide Plus     $255
M-10-W    Sea Quest Pro QD      $295
M-11-W    Aeris Reef Rider        $285
L-1-N*    Aqualung Spectrum     $180
L-7-W    Sea Quest Diva LX       $385
L-9-W    Aeris Reef Rider           $285

XL-2-N*    Mares Vector Pro      $235
XL-3-W    Sea Quest Pro QD      $235
XL-4-W    Sea Quest Black Diamond    $345  SOLD
XL-5-W    Sea Quest Pro QD        $265
XL-7-W    Aeris Reef Rider          $240
XXL-1-W    Sea Quest Pro QD       $260
XXL-2-W    Sea Quest Pro QD       $325  SOLD

 Used wetsuits from rental: Assorted sizes of men's and women's wetsuits including 2-piece farmer john & jacket styles in 7mm.



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