Local Fun Dives from Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Fun Dives with the Huron Scuba Dive Team

Throughout the summer and fall, join our shop dive leaders to explore local dive sites on evenings and weekends. Call the shop at (734) 994-3483 or email to sign up - there's no charge by Huron Scuba for our local dives (unless the dive is on a charter boat), but you're encouraged to tip the divemaster when you participate and you'll need to pay for your quarry or park entry fees & air fills or equipment rentals. You can meet the group at the shop or at the dive site (times vary, but we usually leave the shop at 6:30 for weeknight dives, or meet at the Quarry at 10 am for weekend dives - call for info on each dive). Bookmark this page & keep an eye on the schedule for locations!

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Date Location Notes

Sunday, November 14
10am to 4pm

Gilboa Quarry

Join Huron Scuba's Tom Harter for a fun dive at Gilboa Quarry.

Don't have a dive buddy?  Don't worry, we can find you one!

Call the store at 734-994-3483 if you are interested and come in to the shop to reserve any rental gear you may need.  The water this time of year is comfortable, come out and dive with Tom before your local dive season is over!

If you have any questions about Tec diving or Ice diving, Tom is always happy to talk about those two topics as well as anything Scuba related.

Cost is always free for fun dives, tipping your dive professionals is always appreciated and donations for our fund being used to train our dive professionals to be Handicap Scuba Association Instructors and Buddies are always appreciated as well.
(Quarry admission is paid separately.)

Watch for more details in your email box or email us at diveteam@huronscuba.com for more details!

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General information applying to all dives: Each diver must provide complete scuba equipment, including thermal protection, full cylinders, weights, certification card(s), and logbook. Divers also sign a waiver of liability and express assumption of risk clause. Rental equipment must be from Huron Scuba. For your own safety, your equipment must have proof of service from a factory-trained technician within the prior year. In-water supervision provided exclusively by you and your buddy. Please remember to tip your Divemasters as they are volunteering to organize these dives to help make diving more fun! You must sign up in advance so we can plan for your presence and call if there are any last-minute changes. 


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