Pacific Ocean Diving Trips with Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Pacific Diving

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Galapagos Islands Whale Sharks & Hammerheads Several dates available
On our diving cruise, you will see the best of the amazing land and underwater world of Galapagos. Our vessels cover the archipelago with one regular itinerary to the all year round warm water islands of the north with our famous one week "Wolf & Darwin Islands Express". Escorted by playful sea lions, you will be introduced to the endless variety of marine life: Sea turtles, penguins, eagle rays, free swiming moray eels and groupers amongst many others. Feel your adrenaline rise as you catch sight of a breath-taking parade of schooling hammerhead sharks cruising toward you. With your camera, capture at close range the sleek elegance of the Galapagos sharks or one of the many rare fish species and marine invertebrates in a mosaic of living colors against the spectacular volcanic underwater scenery, or just dive into schools of jacks, barracuda, creole fish or golden rays.

Australia Great Barrier Reef, Outback & Rainforest  

Hop with Kangaroos in the Undara Outback, ride a zipline across the tree top canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, and immerse yourself in the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. Join Huron Scuba President Rachael on our fourth trip to Australia, where the land and people are as awesome as the diving and snorkeling. This trip is planned to perfection, the right mix at the right time of year, down to the last detail, including diving at the onset of Minke Whale season so that we may have in-water whale encounters. Place your $250 deposit today and receive a free full-length DVD showing the features of this trip. Complete packages from $4,499 to $5,399, with many optional side-trips and excursions.

Your Favorite Destination Anywhere!   Your Dates Anytime!
At Huron Scuba, we'll use our years of experience to put together a package with the best value for your vacation time and money. We personally visit the resorts and dive with the dive operators, and can recommend which ones to go with and which ones to avoid! Send us e-mail, or stop by, and we can book your complete package for you.


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