Entry Level Scuba Classes at Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Entry Level Scuba Classes at Huron Scuba

Learn to Scuba Dive with Huron Scuba!

Eager to get started scuba diving? Have a trip coming up and want to get ready? Or are you wanting to explore Great Lakes Shipwrecks? Your best choice is to take scuba diving lessons at Huron Scuba in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here's how: sign up for our Complete Open Water Diver Package and you'll get complete instruction from the Basic Scuba Class & Pool to the Open Water Certification Dives. Weekend, weeknight, or private classes with plenty of flex options mean you'll be a safe, confident diver in no time!

Huron Scuba has been chosen one of the USA's Best Dive Centers three years in a row because of our dedication to a fun, safe, high-quality experience from start to finish.

Step 1: Ready! Watch the videos at home, complete the PADI knowledge reviews, and after your first classroom session you'll be diving in the pool! This is where you learn and practice the skills that make you a safe, confident scuba diver.

Choose weekend, weeknight, or private classes to suit your schedule and personal learning style.


Step 2: Get Set!  During your open water certification dives you get to show what you've learned. Your Instructor will guide you through how to apply your skills at the quarry, lake, or ocean.

Huron Scuba's training dives are held at Ohio rock quarries that have been converted to scuba diving use. In the quarry for your enjoyment are training platforms (left), several boats, assorted vehicles, friendly fish, underwater forests, and more.


Step 3: Go Diving! Once you're certified, the world is open to you. Join us for our local Fun Dives, jet off to clear coral seas on our group trips, or explore the Great Lakes' historical shipwrecks! You'll want to continue your "dive education" so you can have more fun & be confident in your skills as you try new things - like Shipwreck Diving, Night Diving, or Underwater Photography. You're now part of the Huron Scuba Dive Team!

Discover Scuba Diving
Discover Scuba! If you're still wondering if scuba diving is for you, sign up for one of our "Discover Scuba" classes and in just over an hour you'll be breathing underwater in a pool under the watchful eye of a trained Instructor! We schedule these sessions year round - just call or stop by & pay the class fee to sign up (it can be credited towards any class sign-up within 2 days of the Discover Scuba session). If you love it (& most people do), then the next step is...
Basic Scuba Diver Class & Pool
It's the most exciting feeling imaginable! Breathing while floating weightless underwater, part of another world. This course, followed by Open Water Certification Dives, will teach you everything you need to independently scuba dive with a buddy to explore & discover the underwater realm.
Open Water Certification
You've completed the classroom & pool training, and you feel comfortable with your skills. Now, for the good stuff! Apply those skills in a lake, quarry, or the ocean under the supervision of a PADI Instructor to earn your certification card!
PADI Seal Team Kids Program
Designed for youngsters age 9-11, this exciting pool program is built around action-packed "AquaMissions!" An AquaMission is an underwater pool adventure - such as Snapshot Specialist where Seal Team members take pictures of each other while diving underwater!
Great Training at all Levels...
There's more than just the basic class!  Huron Scuba staff of experienced instructors teaches a full range of specialty, technical, and leadership courses.  Take a look & see all the ways we have to keep you active and interested in the diverse world of scuba diving!
Introductory Classes Schedule Printable schedule with Discover Scuba Workshop, Snorkeling, and PADI Seal Team classes
Basic Scuba Diver Schedule Printable schedule with Basic Open Water Courses (weekend and weeknight class & pool, & Open Water Cert dives)
Complete Open Water Diver Package Printable flyer describing our complete open water diver package, with a listing of course start dates.
"Core" Continuing Education Schedule Printable schedule with Refresher, Advanced, Nitrox, Drysuit, Rescue courses
Continuing Education Schedule Printable schedule with other continuing education classes (First Aid/CPR, Equipment Specialist, Divemaster, etc.)


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