Classes for Divers, Snorkelers, & Everyone Else Too and Huron Scuba in Ann Arbor Michigan
For Everyone
Introductory Classes Schedule Printable schedule with Discover Scuba Workshop, Snorkeling, and PADI Seal Team classes
Continuing Education Schedule Printable schedule with other continuing education classes (First Aid/CPR, Equipment Specialist, Divemaster, etc.)

Skin Diver
Skin divers easily go beneath the surface to collect shells or game, and come face-to-face with the underwater world! Learn how to make breath-hold diving simple and fun - we emphasize safety & rescue skills.
Discover Snorkeling!
The fun and excitement begin! This is a great intro to basic snorkeling skills for families about to head out on a warm-water vacation. Learn the safe way to snorkel before you go - and learn how to select gear to make sure you have fun!
First Aid & CPR
These courses are open to anyone who meets the prerequisites (non-divers encouraged to attend!) and are designed to help the public respond with first aid in the event of a medical emergency, injury, or dive accident. The emphasis is on improving your readiness and ability, without focusing on "right" and "wrong" ways to provide first aid.
Reef Fish Identification
Have you ever tried to describe what you saw during a dive, only to find yourself at a loss for words? Now, you can learn the names of the most common reef fish in the Caribbean, Florida, and Bahamas, as well as clues to their behavior and interactions. Learn how to speak "fish" for your next dive trip!


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